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Built From Over A Decade Of Real World Experience

Even before I graduated high school, I spent all my free time learning about SEO. Then after finishing my undergraduate degree, I immediately began my business.

In between my start in SEO around 2009 and starting my own business, I built a handful of my own websites, as well as did SEO for Steiner Sports, in New Rochelle, NY.

After that experience, I decided that being in business for myself was what I truly wanted, and I never looked back. In 2014, I branched out on my own.

Over the past number of years, I’ve realized that what Vine Concepts does best is relate to you. To understand, and then help your dreams come true, by providing a top-level SEO service.

But we know you are busy, we know you don’t want to handle this stuff–you just want something that works. And that’s exactly how we’ve built our service here at Vine Concepts.

When you work with us, you can be certain you’re getting a campaign hand-crafted from the ground up with your goals in mind, a campaign that is quite literally push-button.

We’ve done this a long time, we know exactly what works, and what doesn’t. That comes with true experience. Most marketing agencies only tout their big wins. But not us.

Climb Up The Rankings with Vine Concepts

You get the entire picture with Vine Concepts. You see us with full transparency for who we really are. Have we had unsuccessful campaigns? For sure.

It is those unsuccesses that have allowed us to learn and refine our process over the years to be able to deliver such a solid as oak campaign now. We believe temporary defeat is apart of the learning curve, and we take pride in being able to deliver you a service that has it in spades.

But early on, we had some nice wins. Once we figured out the SEO, we really nailed it. The problem was, we didn’t handle scaling up properly at all. Which led to some frustrating times, miscommunication between clients, and even losing some, despite getting rankings for them.

I Didn’t Have The Proper Processes In Place To Scale My Business.

As mentioned before, we pride ourselves on achieving your dreams, and when these kinds of client experiences occurred, it hit me hard.

It made me ask myself, “What is wrong here? We are getting good results”… Well, it turns out, it wasn’t the SEO stuff, at all. It was something I completely overlooked.


This made me become obsessed with learning to better document our processes, make video trainings to educate both you, my client, as well as my new team members (you can read more about this here).

I brought on strategic members for a team that would complement my skill sets, and fill gaps to ensure you get the absolute most well rounded campaign delivery possible.

Between the education, organization, and new and improved team, you now have access to a better Vine Concepts than ever before. You will get to understand exactly what is being done with your site, why it is being done, and will get to witness it all as you sit back and reap the rewards of our effort.

Vine Concepts provides done-for-you SEO. You get access to the exact same systems I, as well as clients just like you, use to help reliably rank them #1 in Google.

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